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The SOEVA neighborhood is located in the Partido de Tigre, Province of Buenos Aires.

There we have conducted the first census ever conducted. That was our starting point: knowing how many children live there, their school situation, their health, and the state of the rest of the family.

Based on this study (which was later deepened with others) we launched the following projects:

We set up a Kitchen to offer hot dishes to the entire neighborhood to begin to get to know each other, to co-create this new project, and to help alleviate the effects of the cold. Another objective of this kitchen was to provide high doses of protein to the children, who would then participate in the Transformation Process. Although we don’t do outreach tasks, sometimes sharing a meal is the kickoff to get to a new place and get to know each other.

It is very important to note that we cook food together with neighbors from the Soeva neighborhood, and inside their homes. There are already several families that have had the responsibility of cooking for the rest of their neighbors. This generated that many families that were already neighbors of the neighborhood “meet for the first time” (oddly enough …) and begin to form a community with a common goal.

We set up a study room with the intervention of a Teacher specialized in children and in the Provincial Education Plan to give school support to children who, due to the pandemic and the situation in their homes, were totally disconnected from the School (running a high risk of falling out of the system). The constant advice that we receive until today from the Director of Provincial School # 21 in Rincón, Marcela Repretti, was essential. Together with her, we monitor the children of the Soeva and work on strategies for them to continue learning.

These are the children who will be trained to develop activities according to their age, within the Productive Projects.

"Study Room" at Nelly's house ...

before we put in the work...

After...It´s ready!