The phrase Measurable Impact (“Impacto Medible”) refers to the fact that we measure everything we do.
All our projects are evaluated extensively and, above all, what is measured is the real impact on society.
We use the same rigor and methods of a business venture, as if what was at stake were the actual capital of its shareholders.

We believe that donations received, similarly to the capital provided by the founders of this NGO, is as important as the investment made by an entrepreneur.

This is why we measure the return on every ARG peso received and invested in our projects.

We persistently measure the real social impact that each peso generates.
If the return is low, we adjust the project until it is profitable.

AKIVA provides quarterly financial reports to our donors.
These reports show the “social return on investment” and are the basis for feedback and improvements.

We believe this methodology is the one that most respects the efforts of our donors… and our own.